Google starts to protect original or copyright content

Between June and July, there is an interesting update within Google search algorithms which might affect lots of sites. According to the blog post title “An update to our search algorithms” from Google Inside Search Blog, Google will begin taking into account the number of valid copyright removal notices received. That means sites which have high numbers of removal notices will be penalize. The penalty will be drop of site ranking or removal of Google’s index.

This is good news for sites that spend lots of time and effort on creating original content. Especially sites which include copyright content or material, this is definitely a small protection step from Google. Although this is only a small step but at least action is being taken. I’m sure site ranking penalizing will not stop content stealing and plagiarism from happening, but at least Google has taken the first step.

I suppose the entertainment field will benefits from this the most. Videos, audios and pictures of movies and actors have suffered lots of money due to piracy online. Hopefully the latest Google algorithm updates will see some changes. As for bloggers and online entrepreneurs, written content or blog posts are the things which need protection. Hopefully Google will take similar action if valid copyright removal notices submitted.

P/S: Check out the blog post title “The Emanuel Update: Google Will Penalize Sites Repeatedly Accused Of Copyright Infringement” from Search Engine Land if you are interested in finding out more details about this topic.



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