Google Starts to plugin into mobile music money making opportunities

According to the latest blog post title “Find music on Google and start playing it directly in your favorite app” from Google Inside Search, users can now search a musician and tap a link to play their music with the right apps installed. Some of the apps that work with Google include YouTube, iHeart Radio and Spotify. Unfortunately this feature is only available for Android devices in US. Although Google is working to expand this feature to users worldwide, we just don’t know when it can be done.

Honestly, I think this is a good idea. It is definitely a good far for musicians to promote their music. Users have the opportunity to listen to the music before decided to purchase it. Currently this feature is only available in US. I’m guessing due to copyright issues, this feature is unable to expand worldwide for now. Plus the issue of illegal downloading, musicians might lose a lot of money due to this feature. Obviously this feature will create a huge impact because of the huge amount of users Google able to reach worldwide. It is better to study and analysis carefully. Personally I think this feature can help bring in more benefits by penetrating deeply into the market worldwide. Musician has the chance to become famous and successful when his or her songs reach a huge amount of audience within a short period of time. This feature can help make it happen. The next thing is to wait and see if audiences love the songs or not. Once the musician is able to gather a large group of fans, illegal download is the least to worry about as alternative money making opportunities will start to come.

I think YouTube will become a winner due to current popularity worldwide. In other words, smartphone users will be installing and making full use of YouTube to listen to their favorite music. I suppose YouTube will become one of the windows to reach out for smartphone users in future.



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