Google search quality rating guidelines

Google is always updating and changing their search engine algorithm. Don’t be surprise to find that your site ranking slips one day. Check out the blog post title “Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. It seems that Google has completed a major revision of their rater guidelines. You can find the information in a PDF file format in the blog post. If you are hoping to get an understanding on how Google search engine determine site rankings, perhaps it might be a good idea to check out the PDF file.

As I mention before, Google is always updating and changing the search engine algorithm. They have done a lot over the years but that is mostly focus on laptop and desktop users. Given the fact that mobile users will be the main users for the coming years, Google has to make changes on their search algorithm to suit the demands. The change is necessary because the screen becomes smaller, internet speed increases and users have become smarter. It is all about providing the appropriate service at the right time, at the right place and to the right people. If your site is not keeping up with the changes and still targets laptop and desktop users only, you will be losing a lot of money making opportunities.

If you are hoping to catch up with the changes done by Google, just focus on one simple thing. Basically you just need to understand the mobile users and provide the information or things they need. Obviously Google is helping mobile users to get what they want. Why don’t you just make it easy for them?



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