Google Search Algorithm Changes for May 2012

Check out the blog post title “Search quality highlights: 39 changes for May” from Google Inside Search blog. There are 39 changes and some of them are actually very interesting and important as it is related to site ranking. You may check out the list of changes on the above blog post. I’ll list out some of the changes below which I think might after site ranking.

  • Deeper detection of hacked pages
  • Better application of inorganic backlinks signals
  • Improvements to Penguin
  • Smoother ranking functions for freshness
  • Better detection of searches looking for fresh content
  • Freshness algorithm simplifications
  • Performance optimizations in our ranking algorithm

From the looks of it, you should be in good position if you build your site with good quality content. If you witness a drop within search ranking, don’t worry about it. As long as you post daily with good quality content, eventually your site ranking will go up again later. Google is always performing upgrades and changes. Sometimes the upgrades and changes might not be correct or work out as expected. When this happens you will see some fluctuation on site ranking which is not supposed to happen. Fortunately Google is able to detect it and take action accordingly. So don’t make any drastic changes on your site when your site traffic or search ranking drop suddenly. Wait and monitor for few days before taking any action. But if you build your site with good quality content, have faith and trust your work. It is just a matter of time your site receives the traffic and search ranking deserved.



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