Google Search Algorithm Change which Affect Sites That Shows Lots of Ads on Page Layout

Google has been constantly making changes on their search algorithm to give the best user experience. As a user, we hope to find the right answer and information instantly on the first page of Google search result. Users will be delighted if the first click is the right answer. Unfortunately, most of the time users have to go through lots of websites or blogs that shows mostly ads than content. Sometimes it can be very troublesome and difficult to land on the right search result. Due to this reason, Google is trying to remove websites or blogs that do not have much content on the webpage. In the effort of providing search results with high quality website, Google is making changes on their search algorithm. Check out the blog post title “Page layout algorithm improvement” from Google Inside Search for details. According to the blog post, the algorithmic change only affects less than 1% of searches globally. But still if your website or blog display lots of ads above-the-fold area and users have a hard time locating your content, you might be the unlucky 1%. If you find the search ranking of your blog or website is starting to slip away, it is time to change the layout of your page. Try using the Bowser Size tool provided by Google to make the improvement. Once changes are done, Google web crawler will go through the pages and readjust the search result ranking. The Bottom line is, don’t put too much Google ads above-the-fold.



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