Google removes Authorship for Search Results

I did not realize that Google has removed Authorship for Search Results until I saw the blog post title “It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results” from Search Engine Land. Honestly, the only reason that I participate in Google Authorship is because of the benefits of ranking factor. It is consider a SEO method to improve our blog or website search ranking. A profile picture and a Google+ profile can help to increase your site ranking. That is true unless you are able to follow the instruction correctly and getting approval applying for Google Authorship. I did see some bloggers who successfully gain Google Authorship but the number is less. We can see this clearly while doing research using Google search engine. The search results just didn’t show a lot of profile photo.

It seems that Google Authorship didn’t add much value into Google search engine. Content or information is what we are looking for and Google is the tool we use to scoop around. Content is king. And author is part of the content. Most of the time people are searching for answers, solutions, information and not the person who provide it. The author or the person who wrote it comes next if we are interested in finding out. Google should give credits for those who create original content. Unfortunately Google Authorship is just not quite suitable to do it.



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