Google Plus for Business and other Features to Grow Audience

Lately Google has introduce Google + for business. Now we can create a Google + Page just for our website or blog and make use the collection of tools and products provided to help grow audiences. This is basically just like a Facebook page which is very useful in generating traffic. Check out the blog post title “Grow your audience with Google +” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as it introduces some of the features which help to increase traffic.

One of the most interesting features is Google+ Pages. If you already setup a Facebook page for your blog or website, then you should go ahead and setup a Google+ Page too. I’m sure Google will definitely provide something better for blog or website owners to show that Google+ Pages is much better than Facebook page. Obviously the best advantages or gift Google can provide for blog or website owners are search engine ranking or traffic.

Some of the interesting features available include Hangouts which enable video chats, Circles which allow to grouped followers into smaller audiences and many more.

As for now, the first important thing which you need to do is create and secure your Google + Pages. I’m sure many people already started to register all the well-known names.



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