Google Next Stop will be San Diego California

For the past few months, Google has been running around cities like Portland, Austin, Las Vegas, Madison and Charlotte promoting Google Places. The marketing campaign is now reached San Diego, California. Lucky for those local business owners as Google will be helping and showing how Google Places are used to connect customers online and easily find their location. No doubt this is a great opportunity for local business owners in San Diego to get their business visible online. For the next few weeks, the team of Google will be visiting businesses to help verified and claim their Place Page. Business owners can request a Google Places starter kit which enable users to rate and review businesses with smartphones. Businesses also eligible to participate in a beta for Google Boost which will be given $100 coupon offers to get started.

Sounds interesting, right? I just hope our local Google team can do the same thing. From the looks of current situation, Google seems to be pushing Google Places in cities around US so that lots of businesses can sign up and listed. Once Google Places is filled with 90% of businesses in most large cities, customers and smart phone users will definitely make Google Maps top browsing platform to search for hotels, restaurant, shopping locations and entertainment. No doubt Google Places is going to be big money making opportunities online as the number of smart phone users continue to increase and grow.

P/S: I would suggest keeping track on the progress of Google places. Lots of money making opportunities ideas will be built around it.



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One Response to “Google Next Stop will be San Diego California”

  1. Jason says:

    This are good news for internet marketers. Honestly I was not aware of that, I was on holiday with my family in Asia. I hope I will catch up and visit some of those Google conferences.