Google needs to hear your suggestions and opinions to shape their features and tools

Did Google improve their services and features after collecting feedbacks from users? Yes, there seems to have few new features, options and alterations. Did your earnings increases? Well, it really does not show much of improvement. I suppose most of us who tries to make money online probably feel the same. But there is one thing for sure. We have to make changes or alignment to our blog or website according to the upgrades and changes apply by Google. The work is necessary because it is advice to do so to prevent the loss of traffic or revenue. But still it does not guarantee the positive impact of traffic and revenue gain.

Check out the blog post title “Share your thoughts on AdSense, AdMob and other Google publisher solutions” from Google Inside AdSense. There will be a semi-annual publisher survey launching on November 4th 2014. If you have anything to say about Google features and tools, this is the time to do it. In order to take part in the survey, you need to update your contact details and email preferences to receive occasional survey messages.

P/S: Honestly I’m kind of lazy when it comes to survey as the words “Thank you” just can’t boost my motivation to do it.



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