Google Mobile Mondays Series to Help Publishers Make Money with Mobile Site

Now that Google is done explaining why publishers should go mobile, Google has moved on to discuss how publishers can proceed towards mobile. Check out the blog post title “Mobile Mondays: Setting goals for mobile monetization” from Google Inside Adsense blog. Guides and tips will be provided for the next couple of months on how to make full use of mobile site. The basic concepts are still the same compare to building blogs or websites, but the strategies and techniques are a bit different.

The first post presented in Mobile Monday series is about setting up goals and the important of goals. The first lesson publishers need to learn is prioritize goals. Below are three of the goals presented in the blog post:

  • Goal No.1 Drive traffic and new customer acquisition
  • Goal No.2 Drive engagement
  • Goal No.3 Maximize revenue

If you own a blog or website and have been trying to monetize with Google Adsense or other money making opportunities online, I’m sure you’ll find most of the information provided are almost the same. Publishers just have to make some slight adjustment when it comes to mobile site. Publishers have to remember that the mobile screen display is small and customers’ conveniences come first. Even if you already learn a lot about building and monetize mobile site, I’m sure there are still some tricks you can learn from Google Mobile Monday series.

P/S: It is good to check out information provided by Google because you might not know what you’ll miss out.



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