Google makes it easy for you to save images

When Google announced the ability to save images directly from Google’s image search, the first thing that comes to my mind is copyright. Images, videos and written content created online are bound by certain level of copyright. We are always advice not to make use of other people’s creation for businesses and to generate profit. But when everything goes online, it can be difficult to control. The first example that we experience is the MP3 music which being share freely online. So if you are trying to make money by selling CDs, it will most probably fail. That is why record companies are implementing alternative ways to boost CD sales. Some companies even giving out CD for free and making it a way to promote their new artist. There are also companies that include concert tickets or lucky draw to attract CD sales.

Now let us get back to the topic about Google enable users to save images directly from Google’s image search. Obviously Google knows it is impossible to stop people from saving images from their search engine. I suppose this is why Google decided to makes it easy for users. Remember that Google only enable users to save images easily. How users make use of the images is not their concern. This means you still might get sue for improper use of copyright images. Check out the blog post title “Easily save the images you love…now on desktop” from Google Inside Search.



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