Google launches matched content money making opportunity

Google often comes out with different ways for publishers to make money online. In other words it is not just pure simple Google AdSense ads that you can make money. This time Google launches a new way to make money online which is call Matched content. By definition it helps increases user engagement on your site by promoting relevant content from your site to your visitors which may help grow your ad business. Sounds exciting? Unfortunately not every publisher gets to taste this new feature which might help increases earning. Your site needs to be qualified in order to have this feature available. One of the criteria is that your site needs to have high volume of traffic. Perhaps we are better off focusing on creating content or building traffic. The big boys will be the one that are having fun first. Check out the blog post title “Now you can also earn money with Matched content” from Google Inside AdSense.

If you feel a bit disappointed, don’t. In fact Google has given you an idea to make money online. Nobody says you have to rely on Google to carry out the new ads method call Matched Content. You can still mimic this method buy with a little bit of changes. The idea is there, you just have to alter it a bit so that you can make use of it in your site. Remember that the match content is able to increase traffic by promoting relevant content. There are a lot of plugins and tools which enable you to do so. You just have to find the suitable one and tested out on your site. If your site is on under the category of high volume traffic, this might just be your other available choice.



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