Google Latest Search Algorithm Changes for June and July 2012

Check out the blog post title “Search quality highlights: 86 changes for June and July” from Google Inside Search. There are about 86 changes as Google combines the list of changes for June and July. There are not much differences compare with previous months as Google did not make any significant changes on their main goals or projects. This is merely a report or update on the progress of changes made by Google. But if you take a good look at the list, you will discover some interesting keywords. Some of the keywords are mobile, ranking components, page quality, image, search features, freshness and indexing. Judging from the keywords above, it is for sure that Google is focusing on mobile, image and site quality. Thus here are three suggestions or ideas to make money online or pursuit for money making opportunities online. First is to involve or get into mobile field. You can either create mobile site or develop mobile apps. Second is to create a site or blog which focus on images or photos. Especially if you are photographer, it is time to start creating a nice quality photo site. Third is to improve your blog or site quality. Usually this refers to the quality of the content. But you can also adding values to your site by providing extra services such as consultation, advices or suggestions.

P/S: If you are able to catch the early wave or trend, you might be able to ride the wave all the way along.



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