Google is working towards improving the network with publisher

It seems like Google is taking some action to deal with Adsense publishers who got their account suspended or disabled. Usually it is a death penalty permanently when publishers are informed that their Google Adsense is ban. There is very little hope or no chance at all to regain account. Thus publishers are warned not to push their luck by trying to outsmart Google Adsense. But still many people are willing to take the risk when it comes to making money online. Most of them did not actually trying to beat the system but rather walking on the border line of violating Google’s policies trying to maximize earnings. As there are so many Google Adsense publishers around the world, sometimes good publishers might get their account disable accidentally. This is why we often heard people complaining their Google Adsense account getting ban without any clue or reason. According to the latest blog post title “Working better together: Protecting against invalid activity” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, Google is making some changes trying to fix things. Here is the list of changes posted in the blog post:

  • We are considering tenure more actively when responding to detected invalid activity. For example, some trusted publishers will now have their accounts suspended instead of terminated, and over time we hope to work directly with more publishers to resolve invalid traffic issues without needing to disable the account at all. (As always, we’ll continue to credit advertisers for any invalid activity.)
  • We’ve given publishers tools to submit more informative appeals via a new form, which may help resolve issues more quickly.
  • We’re providing more details on invalid activity’s causes. If we’ve detected a violation of our policies you’ll receive an email and a notification to your account with further information and instructions. And you can read all about the causes of invalid activity at our Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center, which is now available in most languages supported by AdSense, such as German, French, Polish and Arabic.
  • Whether you’re looking for a refresher or just creating your first ad unit, you can review the do’s and don’ts of ad traffic in our expanded AdSense Academy.
  • In order to help publishers avoid common pitfalls, we’re kicking off a video series that explains why some of our policies exist and how you can make sure you’re working with them. Our first looks specifically at invalid traffic.

Honestly, I still have doubts as Google has enough manpower to cover all the work or suggestion. But at least they are taking action trying to make some changes.

P/S: How do we become a trusted publisher? If we are making less than $100 per month via Google Adsense, will Google be interested in looking into our account seriously if we experiencing account ban issue? Well, I suppose it is still too early to tell if these changes will actually help publishers. We just have to wait and see. By the way, this does not mean you can try to push your luck further. It is still better to play safe. If you are caught within account ban issue, the time and effort spend on dealing with Google will definitely affect your work online.



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