Google is updating the smartphone user agent Googlebot

Google will be updating the smartphone user agent Googlebot in April. This is just the same as Google search algorithm which Google is constantly updating over time. This is a normal regular process which Google often carry out. During the process of update, there are couples of things we need to check and take care. One of the most important things is the effect towards our site.  In other words we need to make sure that our site can be view properly after the update. There are some recommendations given by Google which you can check out. The blog post title “Updating the smartphone user-agent Googlebot” from Google Webmaster Central Blog has a link which suggest we use feature detection and progressive enhancement. Probably is a good idea to take a look.

Just monitor your site closely for any changes during the updating period. It might be a good idea to ask readers for feedback if they found any issues or problems while viewing your site. Sometimes problems occur at the least expected situation. If you are running Google AdSense for your site, monitor the report closely. The earnings might not show significant changes. You will have to check out other data such as page impression. But if you are targeting mobile users, it should be easy to spot the problems easily.



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