Google is shutting down Adsense for Feeds

I suppose most Google Adsense publishers already getting this information by now. Publishers are also getting this info once login their Google Adsense account. Check out the official blog post title “More spring cleaning” from Google for more detail information.

So why is Google retiring Adsense for Feeds? Obviously this feature is not generating enough values for Google. If we compare the amount of revenue gain with search engine ads and mobile ads, no doubt the money earn from Adsense for Feeds is too small to even make a comparison. If we consider this issue from a company’s prospect, it is obvious that the company should focus on search engine ads and mobile ads because those are the one that generating the most revenue. Plus there are still rooms to improve. It makes sense to gather as much resources possible and focus on areas which still have potential to grow. This is not the first time we saw Google retired and shut down their features. If you take a look at the blog post, Adsense for Feeds is just one of the features.

Although it is not a big deal for Google to shut down Adsense for Feeds, but for a small publisher like me who earn a small amount of money using this feature, it really hurts a bit. It is one of the money making opportunities that I spend lots of time and effort to build. This is another example that tells us that we should not rely too much on Google to build our income online. And we should always pursuit for multiple money making opportunities online in order to maintain a stable income.

P/S: Lately I am starting to consider pursuing an alternative money making opportunity online other than blogging. Perhaps art design related field.



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