Google is Making Progress with New Search Ads in Google Maps for Mobile

While Facebook is struggling and working hard on their Mobile ads, Google makes some changes or improvement on search ads in Google Maps for Mobile. Google redesigned local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile and makes it easier for users to navigate using Google Maps. As there isn’t much space within the small screen of smartphone, Google blends the ads just nice without getting in the way of users browsing through the map. Especially the “get directions” and “click to call” features are very helpful. Check out the blog post title “With new search ads in Google Maps for Mobile, mo’ lo’ means mo’ dough for advertisers” from Google Mobile Ads Blog for more details.

Compare to Facebook, I say Google is doing a lot better than Facebook when it comes to features related to mobile. The key is mixing ads into users’ daily browsing activities without getting in the way or making things annoying. In fact it will be best to make ads as part of the overall usage which provides benefits or helpful information. And it seems like Google is doing a good job. Instead of focusing on increasing the click through rates or CTR, it is best to create a situation where users choose to click on the ads and obtain the right information they hope for. When you are able to deliver the right information, you can easily obtain 100% click through rate. This is the idea situation where advertisers, publishers and online advertising companies hope to achieve.

P/S: I think Facebook should look into the actions taken by Google in penetrating mobile market. Learn from the rivals if you really want to beat them.



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