Google is helping you getting ready for yearend sales

It seems like Google is starting to give out information and tips to help publishers making some money over this yearend sales. You can check out couple of blog post title “Capture more holiday traffic with click share for Google Shopping” and “Drive sales and app downloads with video this holiday season” from Google Inside AdWords. It is not a surprise to see this coming from Google because when publishers make money, so does Google.

Remember that you are not the only publishers who are trying to make money online over this holiday season. Millions of publishers around the world will be reading the blog posts above too. So if you are really hoping to make some money over the holiday season, you will have to do better. In other words, you need to come out with something extra to attract customers. A lot of publishers will be applying the same method suggested by the above blog posts. You will have to include something extra for customers to make you stand out from the competition. You can try offer additional discounts, free gifts, coupons to other products or additional services. You may even try to throw a lucky draw event. As long as you are able to make customers feel that you are providing the best deal, you will have a higher chance to secure businesses.



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