Google is considering HTTPS as a ranking signal

Actually Google has already starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Although it is only a very lightweight signal which affects only less than 1% of global queries, it is still consider a great impact on sites that connected to those affected sites. Check out the blog post title “HTTPS as a ranking signal” from Google Webmaster Central Blog for details.

There are many questions surrounding the issue of switching from HTTP to HTTPS. As a blogger, are we responsible to make the change? If this is about security issue, why not make it a compulsory for the change. How much money do we need to invest per year for HTTPS? Although there are some sites which are offering free SSL certificates, but are they reliable? Is it necessary to get HTTPS?

Honestly, I think HTTPS should only apply to sites that are collecting personal information and ecommerce. Sites that are expected to be secure should require SSL Certificate. As for the ranking signal, Google should punish sites that supposed to go HTTPS but did not. If Google just reward sites for getting SSL Certificates by giving some benefits in ranking signals, lots of blogs will be going for HTTPS just for the sake of better Google search ranking. Which in most cases, a lot of blogs and websites do not require having SSL Certificates to operate because their main purpose is just providing information and knowledge.

Once Google starts to provide a lot more ranking signal to sites with HTTPS, people will sure try to make money out of SSL Certificates. Do a quick search online and you’ll find that there are already some sites offering SSL Certificates. Google will be creating lots of business opportunities for these sites once HTTPS becomes an important issue for getting a better Google search ranking.



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