Google Introducing Upgrades to Improve the Google Domains Experience

Google starts selling domain names since last year. Lately Google seems to introducing upgrades to their service by adding custom email addresses, new domain name endings and domain ownership transfer. Yup, Google are spreading their power and trying to dominate other field of areas too. These features are nothing new but the new domain name endings is the interesting part. Some of the new domain name endings are .cards, .careers, .cheap, .coffee, .me and many more. Check out the blog post title “Custom email, apps and more for Google Domains” from Google and Your Business.

So if you are trying to create or own a special and unique domain name endings, be sure to check out the list from Google. Not sure if anybody will create special domain name endings such as .moron, .wtf, .lol and many more. It should be interesting to own these special domain names. I’m sure those who are into buying and selling domain names will grab the opportunity to make some money.

How much a domain name cost? Well, I suppose it depends on how much a person or company willing to pay for it. Check out the list of most expensive domain names from Wikipedia. The most expensive domain name turns out to be which sold at $35.6 million in 2010. This is just only for published sales. The non-published sales should have higher deals which we do not know.



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