Google Introduces Two More Features on +1 Button

Google +1 button was launched in June. According to the blog post “Doing more with the +1 button, more than billion times a day”, Google +1 button has grown over 4 billion daily views and appears on more than a million sites. It seems like the Google +1 button wave or tsunami is making an impact to the cyber world. But still this is just a beginning. There are still a lot of features from the Google + project that we haven’t seen. Currently the Google + Platform is the main focus. Although it is still on preview and yet to launched to the general public, Google seems to have high expectation on the platform.

Lately, two features related to Google +1 button will be introduced sometime next week. The first feature is the ability to share webpages and start a conversation within own circles. The “Share on Google+” option enable users to comment, share website and choose a circle. The second feature is the ability to include a link, an image and a description when sharing content from the +1 button. Google call this “+snippets”. Check out the video clip on the blog post from Google Inside Adsense and you can see how both features work.

I have to say, my first impression of Google + Project includes a lot of Facebook’s shadow. There are a lot of similarities between Google + Platform and Facebook. Judging from current development of Google + Project, Google + Platform seems to be much easier to navigate compare to Facebook. I suppose the battle between Google and Facebook will continue on for some time. No doubt this is a good thing for users. Monopoly is never good for anybody but the company itself.

P/S: I just hope Facebook has enough bullets to counterstrike Google.



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