Google Introduces the AdWords app for IOS

I used to have Google AdWords account until one day Google decided to terminate my account because I stop or pauses my campaigns for years. During the old days Google AdWords help generate my income by promoting my sites and selling affiliate products. When the price of the keywords began to increase, I decided to stop using it. It wasn’t a big deal that Google terminate my account since I wasn’t going to use it any way. It just felt a bit uncomfortable getting your account terminated because you are not using it for a long period of time.

Now for the Google AdWords app for IOS, it is actually nothing special. Well, eventually Google AdWords has to come out an app for IOS. Advertisers and publishers around the world are starting to make full use of smartphone. Google should feel the demand of a user friendly app for Google AdWords. Check out the blog post title “Introducing the AdWords app for IOS” from Google Inside AdWords. Honestly, I am concern more about the security of the app instead of the performance and conveniences. We have seen and heard a lot of stories about how smartphone are being hack and personal data or information being stolen. I am pretty much interested to hear the steps and actions taken by Google to make us feel safe and comfortable for using their apps to manage Google AdSense, AdWords and other features. Once Google is manage to convince us that it is safe to use the apps, than only we start talking about user friendly and convenience.

By the way, it is much easier to lose our phone compare to a laptop. You have a lot to worry if most of your business or online earnings are done using your smartphone. This too I like to hear if Google is taking any steps to safeguard our account.



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