Google introduces Primer to help users become smarter marketer

I learn a lot from Google. Whenever you check out their blogs or websites, there are always new information, events and webinars available to educate users. Lately Google introduces Primer to help users become smarter marketers. Check out the blog post title “Become s Smarter Marketer with Primer” from Google and Your Business for details.

So what exactly is this new free Google app call Primer? According to Google, Primer helps users to keep up with today’s latest digital landscape via bite-size lessons. It is a summery version of latest and most useful marketing concepts. This app is created for users who are always busy and with limited time to catch up with latest marketing concepts. Consider it as a concentrated juice with all the vitamins combined. One of the good things about Primer is that users are able to make full use of it offline.

If you are hoping to pursuit for money making opportunities online, you have to keep up with the latest technology news and business knowledge always. You cannot let busy keep you away from improving yourself. Sometimes success might just due to the extra one page that you learn lately.



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