Google Introduces New Crawling and Indexing of locale adaptive pages

Google always update their algorithm, search engine and Googlebot. It is a never ending process which continues to evolve and improve. One day your blog or website might be at the top of search result and some other day it might drop to the bottom. But there is one thing for sure. If there are people who love to read and check out your blog or website, you will still have a spot at the first few pages of search result.

Lately Google introduces new locale aware crawl configuration for Googlebot. You may check out the blog post title “Crawling and indexing of locale-adaptive pages” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. Basically that means Google will now try to adapt site content serve based on language and perceived location. So if you are blogging from Asia and you are trying to target US readers, it still can be done but might requires some tuning and changes of the way you prepare your content. Currently we still have no idea how much this changes will affect the search results. We just have to wait and see.

Regardless of what changes Google make, just stick to one rule. Write or blog something which people will be interested to reach and check out. At the end of the day the search engine is design for people to search for what they need. So as long as your blog or website is needed, then your blog or website will have a spot on Google search results.



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