Google Introduces New Chrome Extension called Adsense Publisher Toolbar

Obviously this is only targeting for Chrome user. You are required to use Chrome browser in order to download the toolbar at Chrome Web Store. Users are required to grant access of Google Adsense account for the toolbar. That means the toolbar will be accessing your Google Adsense login ID and password. This is one sensitive step which I’m not so comfortable with. Although the Adsense Publisher Toolbar is a creation or feature of Google, it is better not to grant access for too many windows. Besides, this feature only makes it easy for publisher to view Google Adsense account performance. It is an extra feature which does not help to increase earnings. Honestly, I won’t risk security over convenience. If Google adsense is one of your main sources of income online, it is best to keep things simple and secure.

Check out the blog post title “Account performance at a glance with the Adsense Publisher Toolbar” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. No doubt this new feature is impressive. But considering the increase of scam issues online, any steps of processes involving the sign in of Google Adsense account must be carefully check and confirm. Currently there are too many scamming emails or sites which have similar design with the original sign in page. I like the concept of Adsense Publisher Toolbars, but in the other hand scammers will have a new playground to exploit.

P/S: Honestly, I think most publishers are more interested in increasing revenue and having a secure stable income. Everything should be simple, easy and safe. Google should adjust their upgrades and platform design by following this direction.



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