Google introduces more powerful google Translate App

Check out the blog post title “Hallo, hola, olá to the new, more powerful Google Translate app” from Google Inside Search. Language is the most important thing when it comes to pursuit for money making opportunities online. Especially when you are trying to do business with a foreigner, communication can be a problem when there is language barrier. Although Google translate app focus mainly with direct interactive between people with different language and helps getting your way around in foreign language country, it is still a very useful tool for people who are trying to learn a second language.

Even when we are speaking and writing in English which we presume everybody will have a common understanding of what we are trying to say, it might not be the case. Have you ever have an experience when a person is speaking in plain simple English but you just simply can’t understand what he is trying to say. Do you find any differences between the English written and spoken in US, UK and Australia? Now try speaking to a person in English in countries like Singapore, India and China. The same word and same sentence might be use, interpret and understand differently. I suppose this is what we call misunderstanding under the same language.

So the next time you try to write or blog something, don’t be surprise that people get you wrong in an unexpected way. If you are hoping that people around the world understands what you are trying to blog, try using simple easy words as much as you can. And you might just have to guide your readers one step at a time with detail explanation all the way long.



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