Google introduces an interesting way to make money

As a publisher, the goal is to make money using our site regardless of the method used. We will definitely explore every possible ways to make money online and choose the best methods which suit us. Obviously we are searching for ways that generate the most money. Lately Google is introducing another way for publisher to make money call Contributor. Check out the blog post title “We heart Contributor: Here’s why you will too” from Google Inside AdSense.

So what is contributor and how does it works? Basically users can contribute a small amount of money each month to a particular site so that fewer ads will be shown. Users can choose to pay either $2, $5 or $10 each month. The money will be use to participate in the ad auction. No ads will be shown if the user wins the bid. That means users will be shown about 5%~ 50% fewer ads monthly. In other words it is a way for users to support sites they like directly.

Is this really a great idea? Well, I actually do have several questions and consideration. If I am trying to get others to support my site, I can just setup a PayPal donation link. It is obviously much better to collect funds directly from readers. I can also collect member fees and provide extra service or in depth information. The big question is why do my readers have to go through Google to contribute to my site?



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