Google Introduces +1 Feature which Might Become Money Making Opportunities

Whenever Google makes a move or introduces something new, the first thing that comes to my mind is somebody is going to make use of this to make money. Check out the blog post title “+1 to great web content” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as +1 might just be the next big thing after Like. Yup, +1 actually works just like the Like button in Facebook. In this case, the +1 button plays a larger role because it affects the status of blogs and websites. In other words, the +1 feature can bring a blog or website to the top rank of Google search result.

No doubt the +1 feature from Google is good and interesting but definitely needs to proceed with cautious. I instantly think of couple of ideas to make money as I read through this blog post. If I can easily think of ways to make money with this +1 feature, I’ll bet many people can come out with a lot more ideas to manipulate and make use of +1 feature to make money. One of the example ideas I can think of is selling and purchasing +1 click. As the +1 click can affect the ranking of a blog or website in Google search engine result, it definitely carries a significant value. People will then pay to collect as many clicks as possible. Good thing that users need to sign in to their Google account before they can use the +1 feature. This way Google has some control over the +1 feature and perhaps can avoid being misused.

As for now, it’s too soon to see the impact which might cause by the +1 feature. But one thing for sure, we need to increase our connection, friends and followers within our Google account as that can be very helpful in getting lots of +1 click. So are you ready for the +1 feature?



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3 Responses to “Google Introduces +1 Feature which Might Become Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Jacob says:

    Google is very active in the last month, so many new features, new algorithms, extras in Adsense and Analytics.

  2. Jonas says:

    I have never been successful with Google affiliate network and adsense. I mean, never been able to make living from this, but the money are quite reasonable.

  3. handwriting life says:

    thanks for sharing about the money making opportunities in google, but as we all know that in google it is not easy to make money,but your advices are also right here, i will try for them,