Google includes Filipino language into AdSense supported languages

Basically publishers can now monetize content creating in Filipino with Google AdSense. Is this really helping publishers to make money online via Google AdSense? Well, we will just have to give it some time and check out the results after couple of month. In my understanding English is commonly use in Philippines. If my content is written in Filipino, only a small portion group of people in Philippines are able to read my blog or content.  If I am using English to build my blog or website, the whole world is able to browse through my work. Obviously content in English is much more advantage. I suppose this is for those who only know Filipino. The question is how many people are there knows Filipino? How big is the market and traffic? Check out the blog post title “AdSense now understands the Filipino language” from Google Inside AdSense.

My guess is this is mainly focus on local market. Especially if you own an offline business in Philippines, this will help to bring in some revenue from Google AdSense. At the end of the day, it is about the amount of money publishers are able to make regardless of the type of language using.



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