Google implementing search box within search results

Take for an example that you are trying to search a video on YouTube on topic related to money making opportunities online. You start by searching for “YouTube” using Google search engine, click the link, go to YouTube and search for “money making opportunities online” using the search box within the site. That’s the method that we used to do which takes several steps to find what we are looking for. The new implemented Google Sitelinks Search Box makes it faster by skipping one step of having to go to the site and use the search box within. A search box will now appear under specific search results which enable users to perform a second search. The image below taken from Google Developers Sitelinks Search Box explains clearly.
On the example given above, I usually will directly search for “money making opportunities online YouTube”. There is no need to do a double search either going into YouTube site or making use of the Sitelinks Search Box. Google search engine is capable of listing out videos related to money making opportunities online under YouTube using that one single search input. This is an obvious example because we have a common understanding that YouTube is all about Videos.

Now let us change the example a bit. How do you search for a video related to money making opportunities online under website call money? In this case it is impossible to get the result that you want in one single search. You need to separate your search into two parts. Find the money website first and search for money making opportunities video within the site. Google Sitelinks Search Box enable users to do double search on the same page without having users to go into the website and make use of the search box provided by the site. Now this example clearly explains the convenience and usefulness of Sitelinks Search Box. “A search within a search” is another explanation for this method.

Next comes the question of how do we make use of this feature to increase traffic? First you need to have a working site-specific search engine on your blog or website. That means you need to embed a Google search box in your blog or website to search for content specifically in your site. Next is to mark up your site as a entity with the potentialAction property of the markup. Check out blog post title “An improved search box within the search results” from Google Webmaster Central Blog. Once this is done, users will have the opportunity to search directly under search result that point to your site.

Well, this actually doesn’t sound like a feature that can help increase traffic unless Google intentionally improve search ranking for sites that implemented Sitelinks Search Box. This feature actually makes it more convenient for users who often make use of the search box within specific site. Honestly, I think this feature benefits sites with huge content or requires users to search through their database, or maybe a blog that often discuss popular or trendy topics. People that want to read what this blog has to say about a particular topic or news might make use of this feature often.



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