Google Highlighting ad Titles

According to the latest blog post title “Highlighting ad titles” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, Google has implement a new feature that changes title color of ads when users move their mouse over the title link. The idea is interesting as the visual effect can certainly capture the attention of viewers. Although the post mentions that the feature received higher earnings for publishers while also increasing user and advertiser value, I’m not so sure about it. Regardless of how good Google tunes the color combination, the main purpose is to capture the attention of viewers so that they can take a look at the ads. Google must be careful while monitoring the end results of this feature. The clicks must lead to revenue increase for advertisers instead of just a reaction of curiosity by viewers. Remember that when advertisers make money, publishers make money and thus Google make money. This is the fundamental basic which Google has to hold on while introducing any new feature.

If you think about the above condition or situation carefully, the best and simple way which Google, advertiser and publisher can increase earning is to help viewers get what they want. Which is better? Viewers need to click 10 ads before finding their needs compare with just 2 clicks of ads. Obviously higher conversion rate is better. Advertisers can purchase more advertisement when revenue is up and publishers can make more money and so does Google. This is a much practical approach but also the most difficult task. I’m sure Google is still looking and researching for the best way to improve their advertising system.



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