Google helps to keep your computer safe

While pursuing for money making opportunities online, one of our concerns is virus and unwanted software. This is the reason why we required antivirus software and be careful with the software we installed. Unfortunately there is just too much free software online and sometimes we just unable to determine which software are harmful or not. Check out the blog post title “More Protection from Unwanted Software” from Google Inside Search. Currently Google has extended their service in Chrome, Search and ads to keep users safe from nefarious downloads. In other words, warnings will be display when users visited a site that encourages downloads of unwanted software. Google will also try to identified deceptive sites and remove it from their search results. Google ads too will disable sites that lead to unwanted software.

Again whenever Google try something new, it is best to check it out and confirm it personally. Sometimes the end result might not what we expected. Especially if your site is promoting or selling software, the above changes might affect your site. Thus it is best to monitor closely the traffic to your site. And if you are using Google AdWords, be sure to check if they disable your ads or not.



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