Google Handwrite New Feature Adds Points to Mobile Advertising Business

Currently mobile online advertising is a hot gold mine. Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google are investing most of their time and work force in this field. We will be seeing lots of ideas, plans and features coming out from these companies. Of cause these companies are not the only one which is interested in making money in mobile field. But these are the companies which have the ability to alter or influence the trend within mobile advertising. Check out the latest blog post title “Make your mark on Google with Handwrite for Mobile and Tablet Search” from Google Inside Search Blog. It seems like Google has come out an interesting way for surfing on smartphone and tablet devices. If this feature is able to capture the attention of smartphone and tablet users, it can surely contribute a lot in mobile advertising businesses.

The new Google Handwrite feature is very convenient for those who like to use one hand to perform everything with their smartphone. Google Handwrite enable users to search by writing letters with finger on the screen. This way user can skip the keyboard and write the words directly for search queries. No doubt this is a very convenient feature from Google. Although Handwrite is experimental, I’m sure Google will improve the feature to recognize not just letters but also drawings. But at the end of the day, it is the interest of users which will determine the faith of this feature. After all, the main purpose is to attract more users by providing the best services or features. The number of mobile users reflects the amount of revenue obtain from mobile advertising.



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