Google first move on reducing accidental clicks in mobile ads

It has been a problem for Google for having high percentage of accidental clicks in mobile ads. The problem existed since the launch of mobile ads. It is a known issue and the high percentage of accidental clicks is expected. If you own a smartphone and always surfing online using the small display with your thumb, I’m sure you will notice the high potential of clicking on the mobile ads accidentally. I suppose Google has not been taking any action because mobile ads are still at the beginning stage. There are lots of improvements required to make sure mobile ads run smooth. And I think another important reason is that the accidental clicks have not been significant enough to force Google for taking any action. In other words, Google is still making money out from mobile ads. Obviously this is good for mobile site and apps publisher but not for advertisers and customers.

Check out the blog post title “Combating accidental clicks in mobile ads” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. It seems publishers will start experiencing a decrease of earnings from mobile ads. The additional click implemented by Google to confirm if users are actually intentionally clicking on the mobile ads will definitely reduce the rate of accidental click. This feature was introduced a few years ago, and now Google is expanding the confirmed clicks to in-app image ad banners.

This is just the same situation when Google Adsense is dealing with accidental clicks for laptop and desktop. Eventually Google has to make sure that advertisers are getting businesses for the advertising money they invest. Accidental clicks will just increase the advertising money and reduces revenue. It is definitely not good for advertisers and it certainly not going to do any good for Google. In order to convince advertisers for keep on advertising online with Google, no doubt Google has to make sure that the clicks convert and avoid accidental clicks.



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