Google First Click Free update

Honestly I have no idea how Google’s First Click Free works. But I do know that everything within involves money. Currently Google decided to update the First Click Free policy from the limit of five articles per day to three articles per day. The changes will be valid on both Google Search and Google News. It seems that is due to the introduction of mobile and multiple device areas. Well, it isn’t hard to understand because users and clicks behavior are totally different compare to desktop and laptop users. I’m guessing mobile publishers are having difficulties dealing with the limit of five articles per day. That is why changes are required. Check out the blog post title “First Click Free update” from Google Webmaster Central Blog for details.

Will this policy update affect badly on our earnings? Well, it depends. I suppose Google too is not sure about the impact of changes. But they do know that changes are required and Google will continue to make changes and update to cater for recent needs and demands in order to maintain equilibrium between publishers and users. We have seen Google makes a lot of changes, improvement, suggestions, terminations and updates throughout the years. I suppose “Nothing is forever” is best words for this. So if you are making money online currently, it might not be so the next day as changes from Google can hit any time and the impact might not favors you.



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