Google Fires up with FIFA World Cup 2014

Are you ready for FIFA World Cup 2014? If you are into World Cup fever and hoping to get the latest updates even when you are sleeping, than hang on to your smartphone as Google is planning to bring the big game to you. Although this is not the first time that we go online searching and looking for news coverage of FIFA World Cup, Google has never make FIFA World Cup event personal and special. I still remember in 2010 World Cup that I need to rely on FIFA official website for live scores and game status. I hope this year Google can bring us a unique World Cup experience. So what can we expect from Google? Well, according to the blog post title “Let Google be your guide to the beautiful game with real-time highlights and trends” from Google Inside Search, Google will provide us up to the minute live scores, team stats, lineup, schedules, timeline on major moments and many more. Below are the areas that will be explored by Google.

  • Sentiment: Explore how an entire country is feeling—whether optimistic or anxious—as reflected through search trends and public Google+ conversations.
  • World Focus: For every match, discover which team is capturing the world’s attention in Search.
  • Top Questions: Want to know more about a penalty kick? Likely you’re not alone. Check out trending questions from every competing country before and after kickoff.
  • Rising Players: Find out who are the players to watch and how they rank in search compared with their teammates.

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No doubt TV and radios will also covers FIFA World Cup 2014. Of cause it will be great to watch the game live on TV, but things are not always turn out what we wanted. We still have to work. Especially when the game is hosted in Brazil and some of us are living in the other side of the world in Asia, we do not have the luxury to watch the game live unless we sacrifice our sleeping time. Good news is that we can still take a sneak peek by going online using our smartphone. Although we aren’t supposed to do this, but I think most Football fans will go online using their smartphone to monitor the game closely while working. For some football fans, the risk of getting fire is nothing compare to the great football event. I suppose Google sees it and trying to take advantage of the situation. No doubt it is money making opportunities online that comes every 4 years.

If Google is able to secure the privilege of streaming FIFA World Cup event live, what will happen? There is a possibility that Google might do it in future game because people around the world are watching. And this is definitely a big threat to the mainstream media like TV and radio. But this is not a surprise as Google has been slowly slashing a big chunk of viewers from the mainstream media throughout the years. If you don’t believe it, just ask any teenage if he or she prefer to have a TV or a laptop.



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