Google Finally Update PageRank in 2011

It has been nine month since Google updated PageRank back in April last year 2010. Currently there has been a lot of news regarding the latest update on Google PageRank. It seems like Google is starting to roll out a new PageRank update as we speak. You should check out your blog or website and see if there is any change on PageRank. You may use Google PageRank Checker to check your PageRank for FREE. I only get PageRank one for one of my blogs only. The rest of my blogs remain the same PageRank. Although we are advised and told not to pay too much attention on PageRank but to focus on building traffic, it still feels good and motivated if there is an increase of PageRank. Besides if you’re planning to sell your blog, having a high PageRank will definitely get you a good deal.

Many blog or website creators are waiting for this moment hoping to get at least a PageRank 1~2 for their newly created blog or website so that they can sell them with a higher price. We still cannot deny the fact that blog or website with higher PageRank sells better. Unless Google eliminates PageRank system, it will still remain as one of the reference to determine the value of a blog or website. If Google really do remove the PageRank system, the impact will affect lots of blog and website.



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One Response to “Google Finally Update PageRank in 2011”

  1. George says:

    Yes, finally the long awaiting PR update is a fact, not many of my website actually gained PR, but at the end of the day, my SERP is high so I don’t really thing that PR will matter anymore excepts for selling websites.