Google continues to break down language barrier

Lately Google introduces two new Google Translate app that instantly translating both English and German to Arabic and easier multitasking for iPad users. Check out the blog post title “Two new Translate features coming your way” from Google Inside Search.

Even though Google is making a lot of improvement in translation, Google Translate app is still far more from completion. Just try it out and you’ll know that the app only capable of simple language translation. In other words, human still haven’t lost the job as language translator. So we are still able to make some money online by doing language translation work.

Money making opportunities around the work of language translation are huge because you are not just doing the work but also providing a service to customers. One of the things which connect closely to language is culture. Google Translate App does not understand culture. Some words if you translate directly from certain language to another will sound strange. Sometimes the meaning of the words is not as it sound. In this situation you need a person who understands the culture of both language in order to translate the meaning correctly. This is the part which Google Translate App is yet unable to do.



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