Google Applying for .google, .docs, .youtube and .lol Domain Extensions to Expand space online

According to the blog post title “Expanding the Internet domain space” from Google Official Blog, it seems like Google is applying for some new TLDs which includes .google, .docs, .youtube and . lol. I can understand the value and purpose of the first three domain extensions, but .lol is a surprise for me. Although according to the blog post the special domain extension of .lol has interesting and creative potential, I think Google already has other plans for it.

Regardless of which domain extension we used, people are the one who set the values of the domain extension. As a publisher or blogger, I can go with any domain extension as long as the domain can gather lots of traffic and catch a good ranking in search engine.

What will happen if Google successfully applied all the above domain extensions? Obviously, Google will take care of these domain extensions by sending lots of traffic and exposure. Once these domain extensions become popular and people remember it just like .com, Google will gain another huge money making opportunities online. And I think Google can easily do that as they have the best search engine in the world.



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