Google app update with some smart new features

Check out the blog post title “Google app update: get Now cards from your favorite apps” from Google Inside Search. It seems like Google is intended to make your smartphone smarter by providing relevant information at the right time, and you can do it via Now cards in the Google app. In other words, you can set your smartphone to feed relevant information according to time and location without you asking for it. It might sound like fun as it seems like Google is starting to make your smartphone becomes a personal assistance. But in order to do so, users will have to share their personal information so that the app can act and respond accordingly. That means if you are hoping to see a card notifying you to order a Lyft, you need to let your smartphone knows where and when you are taking a flight.

It might sound very convenient with a smartphone that can act and responds to your needs accordingly. But you have to consider the risk or impact if you lost your smartphone accidentally. What will happen if someone stole your smartphone and able to access your personal information, schedule and location. Having able to get back to your life without the help of your smartphone is not the biggest problem. You might have some trouble if some people trying to take advantage of the information in your smartphone.

Smartphone is created and build for conveniences. But if the risks and consequences are too great, it might not worth it.



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