Google Affiliate Network exclusive promotions for March 2012

According to the blog post title “Increase your earnings with Google Affiliate Network exclusive promotions” from Google Inside Adsense Blog, there are over 40 promotions available exclusively to Google Affiliate Network publishers from 23rd to 26th March 2012. This exclusive money making opportunities only opens up for the weekends for few days, so be sure to plan wisely in order to maximize your earning. Please remember that you may not post any info regarding the exclusive promotions until March 23rd.

Instead of just placing links or banners about the exclusive promotions, it will be better to write a detail article. Pick a specific promotion which you are interested and write a detail blog post about it. Of cause you need to make sure that the promotion discussed is related to the topic of your blog. If you have extra budget available, consider purchasing some traffic from Google Adwords or other online advertising company during the promotion period. You may have to start planning and get ready for the keywords as you have less than ten days to prepare.

You may also make use of your online social network like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to introduce the exclusive promotions. Regardless of the methods used to draw traffic, it will be best to point it to the promotion article or blog post written. The effect should be greater than just leading visitors directly to the exclusive promotion.

P/S: You may also consider mobile advertising too.



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