Google Adsense Publishers are now able to block different ads for different sites

The ads blocking feature has been introduced by Google Adsense for some time. Unfortunately this feature is only suitable for publishers who implement Google Adsense ads on one single blog or website only. Due to the ad blocking feature applies to every blog or website within a Google Adsense account, publishers with lots of blogs and websites is unable to utilize the feature fully. Within the next few days, all the above will become history as Google will be making some changes on the ads blocking feature. Check out the latest blog post title “More flexible controls with site-level blocking” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. According to Google, publishers will soon be able to block different ads for different sites. In order to use the ads blocking feature, publishers will have to create a list of sites own. Once the list is setup completely, publishers will be allowed to block ads separately within the list of sites submitted.

Honestly, Google Adsense should of implemented this change right from the beginning when ads blocking feature was introduced. Publishers who are seriously into making money online via Google Adsense definitely own more than one blog or website. It is obvious that the ads blocking feature is not meant to help publishers at all. It looks more like the feature is created just to fulfill publishers’ request without considering the fact that it is unable to help increase earning. If Google Adsense is able to display suitable ads and helps publishers to increase earning, it is absolutely no need to block ads.

P/S: Remember that Google did hint that blocking ads may decrease the earning potential. So use the ads blocking feature wisely.



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