Google Adsense Presents Live Adsense Webinars in Six Languages

Google Adsense is hosting a new series of live online webinar on Wednesday 12th May at 5pm GMT. The webinar is available in six languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German and Italian. Topics will be about optimizing Google Adsense earning. You will be guided on Google Ads placement, formats and color palettes, tracking your Google Adsense earning via channels and increase the potential earning of Adsense for Search. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up through Google Help Center.

I’m kind of surprise to see that Chinese language is not available. I understand that the use of internet is not so freely at China, yet… But still if we consider the population of Chinese people around the world and the people who are using Chinese language, no doubt the numbers are surprisingly large. After the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Shanghai Expo 2010 in China, the world is going to focus on China in years to come. Eventually Chinese language will be very important in communication, businesses and some other events. So it’s better to start prepare a portal on Chinese language. It’s going to be a large market in years to come.

P/S: I think we all should take up some Chinese language classes as well. Learning Chinese language might just be a must to survive, especially for children.



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  1. […] Google Adsense Presents Live Adsense Webinars in Six Languages last week Wednesday on 12th May. This week Google Adsense scheduled another live webinar again on Wednesday 19th May at 5pm GMT. The live webinar will discuss about optimizing Adsense for search. It covers implementing and customizing Adsense for search, optimizing search results using Adsense for search performance, improving search results using keywords and custom search engine advanced features. Again you can register for the webinar through Google Help Center. […]