Google AdSense Policy Webinar London UK

Google Adsense will be holding a FREE Adsense policy webinar at 5pm London Time Wednesday 28th September 2011. The webinar will focus on selected policies, types of pages which Adsense ads may not be placed, tips on how to stay compliant, how Google enforces them and action to take if receive a policy notification. All publishers are welcome to attend the webinar. Please register for a spot if you wish to attend the webinar. Also please take note the London UK starting time. As there aren’t many changes on Google Adsense policy lately, the main event of this webinar will be the question and answer session. Publishers can submit questions in advance and vote on questions submitted by other webinar attendees. Only popular questions will be answered live during the webinar.

Obviously the main session which most of the publishers are interested is the question and answer session. One of the questions which I have in mind is about the Google Adsense Code which we insert in places other than our own blog or website. Take for example Digital Point Forum, Hugpages, Squidoo, Xomba and BlogBurner which allows Google Adsense publishers to insert their own code in order to make money from the content they post. I am a bit curious if publishers are allowed to do so. If publisher receive policy notification from Google related to the Adsence code inserted on those mentioned pages above. What should publisher do?

P/S: If you are making Google Adsense as one of the main money making opportunities online or source of income, this webinar is very important for you. Google Adsense Policy is an important subject which you need to be very familiar in order to protect your money making opportunities online.



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