Google Adsense New Publisher Application Process

Getting a Google Adsense account is always a hot topic online. One of the most popular questions that we often encounter is how to get approval for a Google Adsense account. Check out the blog post title “New publisher application process” from Google Inside Adsense Blog if you are currently applying for a Google Adsense account. There are some changes with the application procedure but it should be fine if you have a blog with original content which follows Google’s rules.

According to the blog post, approval will not be given directly at once. Two stages will be included while Google evaluates your account. The first stage involves preliminary checks on blog or website and applicant’s submitted details. Second stage requires user to insert the ad code into their submitted site while Google continues the evaluation. Only temporary blank ads will be shown before the approval on second stage. That means users won’t be making any money unless the final approval is given.

Honestly, I don’t see any significant chances on the application process. It just seems like the application process will take more time than before only. At the end of the day, applicants are only concern about getting the approval as soon as possible. As Google’s intention is to improve the quality of the network, I’m sure we will see more changes on the rules and approval in future. In order to attract more advertisers, quality blogs and websites is a must. Given the above reason, it is not a surprise if Google starts to restrict the implementation of ad code on submitted sties only.



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