Google Adsense New Checklist to Maximize Money Making Opportunities

Google Adsense just released a new checklist to help publishers with Google Adsense account setup. According to the article “Make the most of your Adsense experience with our new checklist”, publisher will be given five parts of checklist on basic recommendations, required steps and guides to make full use of Google Adsense. In other words, Google Adsense is providing help to make sure publisher do all the requirements to maximize profits. Well, I honestly think this is unnecessary unless the publisher is not serious about making money. People who really serious about making money online using Google Adsense will definitely tries to understand every single bit of Google Adsnese, the account, setting, characteristic and anything that related to Google Adsense. I think most of them actually go further more than just understanding Google Adsense account. That is why we have people trying to maximize earning using either white hat or black hat way.

I think the new checklist suits best for Google Adsense beginners or those who just started to use Google Adsense. Most Google Adsense user with more than 3 month experience probably has gone through most of the pages within Google Adsense account. Especially for those that keen on checking their Google Adsense earnings every day, they probably check the amount earned once sign in, check out other stuff in Google Adsense account, and finally go back to check out the amount earned again. I did that when I first sign up Google Adsense account. Anybody did that too?

Honestly the new checklist will not help much in making money with Google Adsense. If you write lots of good unique contents and draw lots of traffic to your blog, you’ll make lots of money even without the new checklist. Again, everything has no meaning unless your blog has lots of content and draw lots of traffic.



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3 Responses to “Google Adsense New Checklist to Maximize Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Mike says:

    The best thing to get good income from Adsense is a lot of traffic which can be achieved through SEO. It takes time and there are ways to maximize profit with smart ad placement.

  2. Design Chester says:

    Is Adsense still “dofollow”? If it is I am not sure if the loss of Google juice is worth the traffic/money. I imagine a site like this one might make a small amount with Adsense but smaller blogs can’t possibly make a living from Adsense.

  3. Assaf says:


    you can use this interactive AdSense checklist on

    This way you can keep track of where you are BUT also customize it with your own needs.