Google Adsense Introduces Themed Ads in Custom Search

I never did have good results with Google Adsense Custom Search. I suppose either I’m not good in using custom search or that’s just the way it is. Honestly I seldom receive news about anybody who is making a lot of money with Google Adsense Custom Search. This is an interesting money making opportunities that we should explore. Perhaps I should make it one of my homework to study how to make money with Google Adsense Custom Search. Lately Google Adsense has been improving the themed ads in Custom Search. Check it out as you’ll find lots of interesting features that you can play around with it.

The examples of three different themes espresso, minimalist and green sky introduced by Google Adsense looks nice. One of the methods that I’ll experience with Google Adsense Custom Search is customize the search results to look just like my blog or website. A familiar search results that have colors, fonts and backgrounds similar to the previous blog or website can really capture the eyes of visitors. But still I think the content of the search results matter most. If visitors cannot find what they are looking for through the custom search, we won’t be able to make money. I think it is more important to customize the content of the search results rather than the theme or display. Publisher knows what their readers are looking for. Providing more options for publisher to customize the search content helps readers find the things they are looking for. This I suppose is the best results than everybody wants.

P/S: Readers find what they want easily from the custom Google search. Publishers make money and so does Google.



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One Response to “Google Adsense Introduces Themed Ads in Custom Search”

  1. George says:

    That pretty interesting new option and it is a great money making opportunity. I am currently working on integration of Google custom search in one of my blog to maximize potential profit.