Google Adsense introduces Adsense for Search Ads only and Adsense for Ajax

Google Adsense introduces two new ways to optimize earning in their latest post “Two new ways to optimize Adsense on your website”. First is Adsense for Search Ads only which allows publishers to display both homegrown search results as well as Google Adsense Search results. All you have to do is just add in few lines of JavaScript and you’re able to display Adsense for search ads along with your own search results. This is very helpful for those that already have their own search engine just for their blogs. Second is Adsense for Ajax which allows viewers to navigate a lot of content without having to leave the page. Adsense of content ads will refresh whenever there is a context change. Basically this is good for pages that require less reload as viewers just click on tabs to check out the info.

So far I think this is the best improvement that Google Adsense presented for publishers. Instead of creating more work to publisher, both this method helps solve the needs of using suitable Google Adsense tools. Google Adsense should work and develop their features towards this direction. There are just 2 things that Google Adsense has to consider when carry out the improvement.

  1. Solve the needs and requirements of publishers. All Google Adsense has to do is answer publisher’s questions and gave what publishers needs.
  2. Do not increase the work load for publisher. Don’t make it troublesome for publisher. Help publisher in reducing the time needed to use Google Adsense. Make it efficient for publishers.

Sometimes I just think that Google Adsense might just have too many ideas in mind that they seem to lose their direction. As much as publishers are concern, simple is the best and of cause more earning.



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