Google AdSense introduce new control filters in the Ad review center

Publishers have been requesting for more options and filters at Google AdSense for years. It seems like Google has finally decided to release some of the filters. Check out the blog post title “New control filters in the Ad review center” from Google Inside AdSense. Publishers are now able to find ads that look similar and filter ads by language. Although only two features are introduced, it is enough for publishers to tune their ads for some time.

Honestly, the only thing that matters for publisher is revenue. It really doesn’t matter if Google provides us more options on filter. Google should just take care of everything after publishers embed the code on their site. Publisher can just focus on creating quality content and drive more traffic to their site. Google just have to make sure publisher is able to maximize their Google AdSense revenue. Just keep things simple and let publisher focus on content and traffic.

If Google starts to introduce more options and filters for AdSense, there is one money making opportunity we can all try. Study the options and filters thoroughly and write an eBook about it. “Increase your Google AdSense revenue with the right options and filters.” How’s that sound for a title that hopefully can attract a lot of money. Well, this is not the first time people making use of Google to make money online. But if you are able to make it easy and simple for others to understand how filters work, there is a chance you can make money out from it. Perhaps this is the part which we can make more money compare to Google AdSense.



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