Google Adsense Beta Testing Expanded Category Blocking

Last year Google Adsense launched sensitive category blocking in order to give publishers more control over the ads appeared. Today Google Adsense announcing beta test of expended category blocking. Although the beta test only applies to ads in English and a small group of publishers, this feature should be available soon. I suppose all publishers should be able to use this feature sometime next year. According to Google Adsense, the new feature called general category blocking enables publisher to block even more categories of ads. The sensitive category blocking feature that launched last year only enables a small amount of categories. The new feature allows publishers to block up to 50 ads categories from a broad range of 170 categories. This will allows publisher to have more control over the ads display on the blog or website.

I’m actually confused on how ads blocking can help publisher. If Google Adsense algorithm is good on choosing the best ads to display on our blog, we should not be placing any blocking. Besides, aren’t Google Adsense Ads determine from the blog content and the keywords used? I think the only concern publisher has is the money earn from Google Adsense regardless of what type of Ads are display. I suppose all publishers will agreed on that.



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3 Responses to “Google Adsense Beta Testing Expanded Category Blocking”

  1. George says:

    This is very good new option, I hope it will be live soon. For now I do not know how I can do it. But for my SEO website it will be very important. Definitely I want to block some categories.

  2. Eric Bort says:

    I’m under the assumption you can help google along by telling it not to bother with some ads. We have great medical/health ads that pay a decent amount – but our content can be considered ‘games’ – once I saw game ads showing up (that probably pay around 1/30th what the health ads did) I made sure to block that category. Not sure if that in particular helped out but we did manage with that and other tweaks to grow revenue by 400% in three weeks. Keep experimenting!

  3. Kumo says:

    400% of revenue growth sounds really good. I just think that we shouldn’t always need to improve our earnings by monitoring the ads display and constantly tries to block those ads. Google should improve their ads display algorithm so that we can focus on the content.